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We are Michael & Michelle also known online as The Aldo's. You can depend on us for value, entertainment, and travel. 

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I only choose to do things that excite me no matter what the cost.

There are blessings hidden everywhere; I will find them.

Let's have a surprise. Let's have a dream.

Key West! 

We love traveling to the Keys enjoying the tropical weather and little island of Key West.

Albuquerque to be exact.

Who doesn't enjoy a nice swim on a hot summer day? Also stopped by Walter White's house!

We're going to Miami!

Okay guys...

See you at the Sand Dunes?

Just got in the truck..
Flip on the 4WD this could get muddy!

Moab, Utah! 

We had really close neighbors and decided to make the best of it!

Last time it was Jeeps. This time it's at a campground.

Hello New Mexico! 

Flight is boarding...

On our way out to Colorado.

So get this...
We had SO MUCH FUN at the Dunes we decided to go back!
Sometimes we just like to drive around and talk..
Let's off-road the Rio Grande National Forest today!
Arches National Park is one of the most amazing places
We just moved on from spending a few months in Southfork, CO loving every second of it! On our way to Montana
Today is the day we welcome our newest family member Miss Marz Paisley to the family, weighing in at 8.9lbs at 8 weeks old! She's a total sweetheart and adapting to our family really well!
Quapaw Bathhouse here in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
This Bathhouse is one of two original bathhouses left in this town, and its has huge medicinal purposes, which at one point in time they gave folks a prescription to be here.
Today we decided to go for a ride, take the dogs out!
Have NEVER been to the Grand Canyon before and honestly we were waiting a couple more days before we went, somehow we ended up here! Today became a #DREAMcomeTRUE We hope you enjoy our spur of the moment travel plans!! We cannot tell you enough how much we LOVE Full-Time RVing!!

One of the most beautiful places in the world.